Daily Prompts

Coke Zero starring U.S. Olympian


Coke Zero

Daily Prompt:  Obvious

I’m partial to tea or coffee, but now and then I like to have a soda.  This time, it was Coke Zero.   I noticed that an Olympic athlete was featured on the can, Nathan Adrian.  Having watched the Olympics with great interest, particularly the swimming events, my little one grabbed the can, read the name and then gave me a confused, almost indignant look.  “Mom, it’s not at all obvious that this is Nathan Adrian!!  Look at this picture.  You could never tell that’s him!”   Umm,  I couldn’t argue with that and admitted that I found the depiction amusing.  The cans I purchased were all Nathan, but I wondered what the other featured athletes might look like on their special can of Coke.


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