8 thoughts on “My kinda town….Chicago is

  1. I was there I think two weeks ago for the very first time and fell in love with the city! The food is incredible and the geography and architecture are so unique and integrally tied to its identity. I think you captured some great images.

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    1. Thank you! I appreciate that. Have you been in winter? Haha. But seriously, I’m a foodie and Chicago is indeed foodie heaven. And the architectural views along the Chicago River and Lake Michigan are breathtaking (they offer architectural boat tours). Thanks for stopping by my site!

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      1. The boat tour was precisely how I got to appreciate so much of Chicago in the short time I was there. Haven’t been in winter, but I’m a winter baby and considering all the warnings I got, I think I might actually enjoy it. Hahah.

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      2. I agree. The cold and snow doesn’t bother me. Time to snowshoe and toboggan. But the winter two or three years ago scared a lot of people out of town. All I kept hearing was, “I’m moving to Florida.” ☺️

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