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Castle Peephole

Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge:  Frame

Two summers ago, we spent a month in Germany, with Berlin as our home base.  We’d venture off to other cities on the weekend.  During the latter part of our stay, we travelled westward toward Frankfurt.  One planned trip for the kids was a drive along the Rhine to view the multitude of castles along the river.  On the way, we stopped at Marksburg Castle in Braubach, situated at a bend in the Rhine.  This castle was used primarily as protection rather than a residence.  Most notably, it is the only Medieval castle along that stretch to have never been destroyed.

We managed to time our arrival with the start of a tour.  (This adventure with kids was meant to be a flexible operation).  We had to wait 30-40 minutes and spent our time enjoying the panoramic views.1024px-Marksburg,_Rhein

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Off to the side, away from the tour entrance, was a small set of stairs and a wooden door you would imagine only finding in a castle.  Large, thick, time-worn.  It was locked, and every 5 or 10 minutes it seemed, one of the employees kept going in and out.  She walked quickly and with intention.  So, I walked closer to see what was on the other side of the door.  No dice.  She quickly and obviously closed it as I approached.

Castle Door

On subsequent trips through the door she maintained the same sense of urgency and secrecy.  Of course, this only sparked my curiosity more. I asked my German friend for some interpretation.  A laugh and “keine Ahnung”  (no idea) was about as far as we got.

She apparently was our tour leader, so as she was readying herself, I lingered by the door. My inner Mrs. Kravitz got the best of me.  While it’s not readily apparent in the picture above – it was such a bright day – there was a very small hole in the door.  I ran up the steps to peek through.  This is what I found and used the improvised peephole to frame my funny surprise.   Another door.


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