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Life/Job v. Blog



Daily Prompt:  Eclipse

I haven’t posted anything in 10 days!  Like many of you, blogging is not your full-time vocation, but rather your outlet, avocation, or step toward anything-else-but-the-status-quo.  My newborn blog with just a few posts was my step, until life and job eclipsed my good intentions.

I was on a good roll, and then events, deadlines, and other priorities stepped in.  Even my daily prompt is not on time.  Which begs the question, how may times a week should one post on their blog?  It’s subjective, to be sure.  And I imagine it depends on the purpose of your blog and your audience.  I know from following other blogs that there is no golden answer.  For some it’s daily.  For others, three times a week worked best for them.  Alternatively, whenever the hell you want.  Whatever the answer is, it seemed to me like I was already falling behind, despite not having really set a concrete goal for how often I would post.  I knew that at a minimum I didn’t want to go more than one week.  But how do you find your muse or time when you’re exhausted and have ten other things on your to do list?

You just do what you can, when you can and roll with whatever comes your way, is what I’m telling myself.  And while I’m at it, I should cut myself a little slack.  I doubt that I’m breaking any word press blogging rules by posting the daily prompt when it’s 2 or 3 days old, but I’ll take my chances….ummm…that everyone hasn’t already moved on to the current prompt and won’t read mine 😉.



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