Little Libraries and Neighborhood Book Sharing

Love the idea of Free Little Libraries! I’ve seen little book exchange nooks at workplaces and train stations. My area also has a bookmobile that travels to many locations. But small free libraries nestled in neighborhoods with anytime accessibility would certainly be a nice thing! Read Kristen’s post to learn more….

Kristen Twardowski


In the corner of one of the neighborhoods near me, there sits a small nook where people can leave books for others to read and take books to adopt as their own. This neighborhood library is part of the Little Free Library system. Little Free Libraries are based on a simple principle; people can use them to exchange free books. Though the project only began in 2009, there are already 40,000 Little Free Libraries around the world, and the project is still growing.

The Little Free Library that I know is lovely, well-maintained, and always full of books. The reading options inside of it are equally appropriate for the community; there are popular thrillers, cozy romances, and picture books. Though the books sit close to the elements, I’ve never seen one battered by wind and rain. They are always in decent condition. The library acts as a lovely emblem of…

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