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Five Pumpkins and Counting…

Daily Prompt:  Underground 

Halloween is serious business in the Marigold house. It’s one of my favorite holidays, during one of my favorite seasons.  And yet someone seems intent on spoiling the fun.  Yes, my underground friends of the chipmunk variety, and who knows what else, but at least “Chippy” has been caught in flagrante.  I’ve always decorated inside and out with lots of pumpkins and gourds.  This year, the local chipmunk council has apparently triangulated my home as smorgasbord central.

Maybe just stick in a skeleton or rat, have it peek out and call it a day?
Honestly, this is a first for me.  I’ve never had our pumpkins or gourds chewed up. (Although I will admit a rascally squirrel would hide small gourds high up in our redbud tree). So, five pumpkins, a traumatized mom child, and a brazen, unfazed chipmunk-ducking-out-of-a-gnawed-out-pumpkin later, I’m wondering whether to replenish the buffet?  I mean, who do they think they are?   Small industrious mammals carrying out their biological propensity to ready themselves for winter?!  The nerve.

Are you gonna eat all this, or do I have to clean up this mess??
The answer is yes… and yes.  Just call me the pumpkin lady from now on.

Happy Halloween!

*No chipmunks were harmed in this story.  They’re all happily fed.


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