Daily Prompts · Drabble

Doctor’s Orders

Daily Prompt:  Eerie


“Mrs. Collingsworth?  Doctor will see you now.”

Agnes felt urgency.  Her cough had been a nuisance but was recently rather productive – gluey, olive mucous, her breath putrid.  Now fever.

There’s no joking with these things, Aunt Tilda once warned.  I’ve seen many a case of walking pneumonia turn grim.  Indeed, for Tilda battled and eventually succumbed to pneumonia.

“Welcome,” the doctor said with a half smile.

Welcome?   That’s surely an odd greeting.  Agnes paused.  She’d encountered this woman somewhere before.

“Have a seat…please.”

She remembered. It was the woman standing next to Aunt Tilda’s grave one afternoon. The doctor approached.


Happy Halloween!

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