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Room for Improvement

Daily Prompt:  Irksome


Miriam turned around, startled, and saw the man take hold of her arm.  Dark bespoke suit, slicked back hair.

“Please come with me,” he said, pulling her discreetly to the side.

“What’s the problem, sir?”

“Regretfully, your club membership has been revoked.”

“How? I….”

“It’s all here, under the terms of your agreement.  Article 10, Section 4, Member Standards.  This fine print right here,” pointing with his manicured finger.

“I’m confused?  I’m certain I’ve followed all the rules!”

Security approached.  “No, standards must be maintained. Auditors yesterday determined that you’re only a 4.   Please surrender your card at the door.”

8 thoughts on “Room for Improvement

  1. Oh… now i am co ing up with ideas of what she did or didn’t do *sigh* like an ear worm it will crawl it’s way in all my thoughts today. A good take on the prompt thpugh… do tell what was the infringement. 😇

    Liked by 1 person

      1. *gasp* Horror! It is worse than I thought *puts bag on head* Thank you at least I know now… *bangs into door* 😁😂😃 good writing you have, and thanks for having a spot of fun with me

        Liked by 1 person

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