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Long Work Weeks, Monday and a Sweet Surprise

Daily Prompts: Scorchedim-going-to-use-what-little-energy-i-have-today-to-breathe-and-maybe-blink-thats-about-it-quote-1

Oh my goodness, apologies to my readers, as my real job had me tied up for a couple weeks.  Long 12 hour days and multiple, concurrent deadlines kind of weeks.  Throw in the usual home and mommy stuff, and I honestly had no time or energy to devote, much less create. My brain was scorched.

noticeI did see a light at the end of the tunnel on Friday, for now.  And the end of the work week was also capped off by a nice surprise:  My 100 word story was featured on The Drabble.  Very nice way to end the week.  Stop by and read.  After all the work madness, I will gratefully appreciate any likes, love and support on The Drabble’s page!!  Have a good start to the week!! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Long Work Weeks, Monday and a Sweet Surprise

      1. Hah! ooo goodie 🙂 you should consider posting some workouts as well 🙂 no matter what it is, I am sure someone like myself would enjoy the read! although you make good content as is.

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      2. Right now I’m hooked on the Adaptive Motion Trainer. It’s a Frankenmachine that does elliptical, stairs and quasi-walking. Which is why I like it, because otherwise I’d be doing the same thing all the time, which isn’t all that good.

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