Weekly Photo Challenge

Woodland Magic

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Magic

I See a Heart in the Trunk of this Tree

I snuck in one of my last Fall “Awe Walks” and found a little woodland magic.  This 10-point buck jumped out into my path to remind me.  We had a short conversation, and then he was gone…;)  Welcome Winter!


18 thoughts on “Woodland Magic

    1. He actually lingered for some time. I took a number of shots to try and capture all his points, but initially I was just stunned and stood there like a “deer in headlights.” LOL. Usually, I run into a doe. He was quite majestic.
      Further down another path, I ran into a woman who had also seen him, but this time together with his doe. 😉

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      1. What a wonderful experience and how lovely to run into deer quite frequently. I see them from time to time here but they are generally ‘on the hoof’ – at home in France I have spotted a few but never rooted like that. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely pictures (because I loved the tree at the top too which I forgot to say before)

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  1. Hi Marigold, I just read your ‘About’ page and really like your thoughts and reasons for blogging. (Couldn’t find a comments place so am putting mine here!). Yes change is good! Go for it. I love what you’ve done so far, great pics and thoughts. Happy blogging and many thanks for the follow on mine. 🙂

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