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Annus Mirabilis

cropped-river.jpgHappy New Year to all of you!  2017 is shiny and new, and now is typically the time for resolutions. Unless, like me, you just don’t make resolutions.  Well, at least not officially.  Now I know what you’re thinking….glass half empty.  But that’s not at all the case.  I’m truly a glass half full kind of person.  This past year was admittedly eligible for annus horribilis status, but I’m always aware of the fact that it could have been worse.  Much worse.  See?  Glass half full.  We have our home and health, something to eat and then some.  So nothing to complain about.  Nonetheless, I’m happy it’s gone, and I’m looking forward to what 2017 brings.

Now back to resolutions.  It’s not that I think they’re useless.  On the contrary, I think we should all have some aspirations that impel us to become better people.  It’s the getting-dumped-with-a-5-gallon-bucket-of-ice-water quality of it that sets most people up for failure.  I learned yesterday that by mid-February a whopping 86% percent of individuals part ways with any attempt to achieve their resolutions.  Setting out a long list of items, perhaps with unrealistic expectations, is just too much at once.  And of course, the more ubiquitous resolution items – lose weight, be a nicer person, improve money management, spend more time with friends and family – require planning, organization and discipline, not a simple press of the “easy” button.   We’ve all been there, which is why it’s probably not surprising that one of the more common resolutions of 2016 was to not make a resolution in the first place.  Somehow using that nomenclature just creates too much pressure??

For my part, I set a few goals (quantity proportionate to difficulty), and wade in.  Wade, not jump.  21 days makes a habit, and then I’m sufficiently warmed up to have a fighting chance.   Who eats their entire meal at once?  It doesn’t hurt to throw some wishes out into the universe and earnestly and genuinely commit to heading in that direction, one little step at a time.   😉   Sound weak-kneed to you?  Nope. For all you Thomases, it does indeed work.   Or at the very least, it gets my attitude adjusted and my mind in the right place so that I’m up and running.  Here’s to 2017, and this year, my annus mirabilis.  May yours be a year of wonders as well.

7 thoughts on “Annus Mirabilis

  1. Happy (belated) New Year! I agree; I think sometimes people set themselves up for failure. I’ve tried making my resolutions changes in mindset rather than official goals. Last year, I created a “to-be” list instead of a “to-do” list. This year I am focusing on fostering growth. Also, I’d never heard of annus horribilis before- my new favorite word!

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    1. I love that. A to-be list. That’s exactly what I was trying to convey but you’ve articulated it quite nicely! Going to use that. This year I’m focusing on being more creative. I think we all need it to be alive. Love it when you stop by 🌺🌞. Thanks for sharing your comment. ☺️

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