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Daily Prompt: Cling 

“You Only Lose What You Cling To” -Buddha

Isn’t this a difficult concept?  And how do we master or execute living life in this manner? I’ve heard this many times and find that I have interpreted it in various ways at different stages in my life.   Denial of human nature.  Recognition that life is temporal and fleeting. Search for truth. Living in the present.

Christianity teaches us a similar lesson.  If you cling to your life, you will lose it. If you let your life go for Christ’s sake, you will save it.  Deny yourself, and take up your cross.  Not easy in the world we live in.  Or perhaps quite easy.  I offer no grand conclusions or theological explanations, just food for thought. For me, it means surrender.  I’d like to know what it might mean for you.

6 thoughts on “Surrender

  1. Very difficult. You only lose what you cling to? What do each of us cling to? If it’s what we value most, than most would answer our children, our lives, those we love. I guess I do cling to all of these. Or perhaps certain things. Sentimental things. A grandfathers watch, a ring from your mother. A diary written by our ten year old self. I have one of those. Its worth nothing financially, but I don’t want to lose it, of course. Still, it’s just a thing. If it goes it goes. So it’s temporary. No soul, no real loss. So I guess I think it’s talking about recognizing that our lives, our days in this world, are temporary. We all face so much loss. Inevitably. You can live your life “clinging” to anything you want, but you will not get to keep it. It’s just an illusion. So live your life not clinging, but living.

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    1. Wow. Thanks, Quercus. (Or can I call you Mr/s Oak 😉?). I think that’s what makes it a hard concept to process. Of course I cling to all the sentimental things, objects. Or cling to a dream or wish. But as you said, in truth, we don’t take that with us. There’s something greater than ourselves, yet that something is the essence or spirit of who we are as well. Thanks for sharing!!


  2. We cling to so many things: relationships, places, possessions, goals, beliefs etc. I think it’s OK to love and enjoy everything while we have it, but at the same time realize that nothing is forever. I once read about goals, in that it’s good to have one but at the same time not to be attached to the outcome. Better to set out in hope but also realize that things may not turn out as you’ve dreamed. Or in other words be ready to accept a different path if necessary. In the meantime live in the now, it’s the only thing that’s real! I love many of the thoughts of Buddhism. 🙂

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