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Resolution – Word of the Day Challenge

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Jana was never one for resolutions. Well, not lately at least. And by “lately” that means a decade. Or two. Sure, when she was younger, her optimism overflowed. But as each year ticked by, that optimism, that drive, that hopefulness drained out in a slow hiss. Expectations were corrected, but her desire and pride never were. And everyone knows the two can’t coexist. It’s fatal, really. So this year, Jana resolved as usual to not make any resolutions. Why bother, she’d mutter, feeling her chest tighten. She had better luck keeping her streak of bad fortune going than getting a break. But that’s what it’s like for some. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It’s not what you’ve done, but who you know or how you’ve cheated and lied your way to the top. So she’d just keep going, for now, like all the others. Waiting for the smallest kernel of hope. What else was there?