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Jackpot – Word of the Day Challenge

#flashfiction #shortshortstories

“What if there isn’t enough?”

“There will be.”

“Are you sure?”

“Calm down. There’s never been a time when there wasn’t enough. You know that.” Steve hated the way Angie always panicked in these instances. Complete overreaction. He did little to hide the annoyance in his voice. They’ve been here many times before, and there was maybe one instance when things became ‘depleted’. He can still picture the group of thirty 10-year-old boys in their softball uniforms, running around, holding their trophy proudly, rabidly emptying the place out. The rest of the day had been ruined with Angie in such a sour mood. But he had learned long ago to adjust. Modulate his behavior to make sure he didn’t trigger any spark from her. These outings in particular were like tinder, so he needed to reassure her although it drained him completely. It was fairly quiet today…..below-normal crowds he’d say. Angie was panicking nonetheless.

“Whatever. Whatever. You never know. You just never know.” Angie sat there looking at Steve as though he had the winning powerball numbers. She had to admit that he was usually right. She was lucky to find him. Patient, loving, eager to please. He wasn’t the least bit concerned. That’s why she wasn’t going to let herself get carried away this time. Just stay calm, she thought, and pinched the web between her thumb and forefinger to enforce the reminder. Just like Steve told her. That’s all she needed to do.

“I think someone is coming.” She paused and craned her neck, nudging Steve to the side to get a better view. Nope. She was wrong. “What’s taking so damn long!” She pinched her hand again to collect herself.

They continued to eat in silence, their plates emptying quickly. Before Angie could form the complaint again on her lips, Steve saw someone walk out from the kitchen with a large warming pan of chocolate chip pancakes. Angie’s eyes lit up.

“Crisis averted. See?” Steve smiled for a moment but then let out a big sigh. “Jackpot! They’ve brought out way more than usual, Angie.” She walked briskly toward the buffet to get in line. On the way back to the table, Angie slipped a dozen butter packets and some extra utensils in her pocket to take home. Steve knew it was going to be a good day.

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