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Turning – Word of the Day Challenge #flashfiction #shortshortstories “How would you say that affected you?” She had asked me before, but I couldn’t answer. I just wasn’t ready. After two years, our sessions had engendered a mutual trust. Now I was open in a way I never had been. “I’ll never forget the time…… Continue reading Turning

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Zoo – Word of the Day Challenge #flashfiction #shortshortstories We were walking briskly through the park. My guide clearly knew where she was going. She had done this multiple times before. I met her at the gate punctually at 9am. “Hi, I’m Aimee. Are you Brittany? I’m Mr. Andelm’s assistant and will take you to…… Continue reading Zoo

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Jackpot – Word of the Day Challenge #flashfiction #shortshortstories “What if there isn’t enough?” “There will be.” “Are you sure?” “Calm down. There’s never been a time when there wasn’t enough. You know that.” Steve hated the way Angie always panicked in these instances. Complete overreaction. He did little to hide the annoyance in his…… Continue reading Jackpot

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Resolution – Word of the Day Challenge #flashfiction #shortshorts #quickstories #shortstories #smalltales Jana was never one for resolutions. Well, not lately at least. And by “lately” that means a decade. Or two. Sure, when she was younger, her optimism overflowed. But as each year ticked by, that optimism, that drive, that hopefulness drained out in…… Continue reading Resolution

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Daily Prompt: Cling  “You Only Lose What You Cling To” -Buddha Isn’t this a difficult concept?  And how do we master or execute living life in this manner? I’ve heard this many times and find that I have interpreted it in various ways at different stages in my life.   Denial of human nature.  Recognition that…… Continue reading Surrender

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Annus Mirabilis

Happy New Year to all of you!  2017 is shiny and new, and now is typically the time for resolutions. Unless, like me, you just don’t make resolutions.  Well, at least not officially.  Now I know what you’re thinking….glass half empty.  But that’s not at all the case.  I’m truly a glass half full kind of…… Continue reading Annus Mirabilis


Poetry Sunday: Anna Swir’s ‘The Same Inside’

Originally posted on Kristen Twardowski:
https://youtu.be/sDeAqN8EX2U Sometimes we find kinship in unexpected places. Poet Anna Swir’s poem “The Same Inside” captures the meeting of twin souls perfectly. Anna Swir (or Anna Świrszczyńska)(1909-1984) was a Polish poet who wrote about WWII, love, and the experience of women in post-war Europe. When Nazis occupied Poland, she joined the…