Daily Prompts

Five Pumpkins and Counting…

Daily Prompt:  Underground  Halloween is serious business in the Marigold house. It’s one of my favorite holidays, during one of my favorite seasons.  And yet someone seems intent on spoiling the fun.  Yes, my underground friends of the chipmunk variety, and who knows what else, but at least “Chippy” has been caught in flagrante.  I’ve always…… Continue reading Five Pumpkins and Counting…

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Clumsy Attempt

Daily Prompt:  Clumsy   Clumsy Attempt “This better work!” He shot her a look. “What!?!  We need an out; every other attempt has failed!” “Ok, just be quiet. I need to concentrate.” Grabbing his tools, he opened the box and studied the wires. “Please do it right! You know the consequences.” He carefully removed the…… Continue reading Clumsy Attempt

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Tortoise Slow

Daily Prompt:  Promise This is so true.  If you’d have asked me in my 20s, I might have hesitated or strongly disputed this statement.  Passion or an immediate reaction would certainly be a truer sign.  But now that I’m older and have earned the dings and scrapes of being “wiser,” I have found time and…… Continue reading Tortoise Slow

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My Grandmother’s Doorbell

Daily Prompt:  Daring I was witness to my grandmother’s death from pancreatic cancer.  She was diagnosed late in life, so the cancer would progress slowly, according to the doctors.  She lived a couple more years after her diagnosis, daring God for each day toward the end.  She suffered silently, with grace, and from all appearances, acceptance…… Continue reading My Grandmother’s Doorbell

Daily Prompts

Getting My Phytochemicals

Daily Prompt:  Hike There is no greater peace for me than disappearing into the woods on a hike.  I’ve mentioned my forest walks on my twinkly list.  The deeper into the woods I go – away from cars, noise, reminders of the city – the better.  John Muir wrote, “The clearest way into the Universe…… Continue reading Getting My Phytochemicals

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The Kindness of Strangers

  Daily Prompt:  Radical       Photo Credit: Chicago Patch I’ve noticed lately that after watching the nightly news, my mood turns instantly glum.  With the exception of the positive human interest story at the end of the broadcast, it’s negative election campaigns, cyber terrorism, racism, extreme destructive weather, images of starving children in war…… Continue reading The Kindness of Strangers

Daily Prompts

Feeling Twinkly

Daily Prompt:  Twinkle   I love this quote from Roald Dahl – “It’s impossible to make your eyes twinkle if you aren’t feeling twinkly yourself.”  It’s a reminder to not only love yourself and focus on the meaningful and nourishing things in one’s life – the road to “twinkly” – but to also recognize that beauty comes from within.…… Continue reading Feeling Twinkly

Daily Prompts

Life/Job v. Blog

  Daily Prompt:  Eclipse I haven’t posted anything in 10 days!  Like many of you, blogging is not your full-time vocation, but rather your outlet, avocation, or step toward anything-else-but-the-status-quo.  My newborn blog with just a few posts was my step, until life and job eclipsed my good intentions. I was on a good roll, and then…… Continue reading Life/Job v. Blog