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Long Work Weeks, Monday and a Sweet Surprise

Daily Prompts: Scorched Oh my goodness, apologies to my readers, as my real job had me tied up for a couple weeks.  Long 12 hour days and multiple, concurrent deadlines kind of weeks.  Throw in the usual home and mommy stuff, and I honestly had no time or energy to devote, much less create. My brain…… Continue reading Long Work Weeks, Monday and a Sweet Surprise

Daily Prompts · Life

Your Awe Quotient

Daily Prompt:  Volunteer I stumbled across an article recently that is a perfect sequel to a post I wrote about forest bathing. The article discusses the six basic emotions we all have – anger, fear, happiness, sadness, disgust, surprise – and one other, that until now was considered a “luxury” emotion, the feeling of awe.  According to…… Continue reading Your Awe Quotient

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My Grandmother’s Doorbell

Daily Prompt:  Daring I was witness to my grandmother’s death from pancreatic cancer.  She was diagnosed late in life, so the cancer would progress slowly, according to the doctors.  She lived a couple more years after her diagnosis, daring God for each day toward the end.  She suffered silently, with grace, and from all appearances, acceptance…… Continue reading My Grandmother’s Doorbell

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The Kindness of Strangers

  Daily Prompt:  Radical       Photo Credit: Chicago Patch I’ve noticed lately that after watching the nightly news, my mood turns instantly glum.  With the exception of the positive human interest story at the end of the broadcast, it’s negative election campaigns, cyber terrorism, racism, extreme destructive weather, images of starving children in war…… Continue reading The Kindness of Strangers