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Long Work Weeks, Monday and a Sweet Surprise

Daily Prompts: Scorched Oh my goodness, apologies to my readers, as my real job had me tied up for a couple weeks.  Long 12 hour days and multiple, concurrent deadlines kind of weeks.  Throw in the usual home and mommy stuff, and I honestly had no time or energy to devote, much less create. My brain…… Continue reading Long Work Weeks, Monday and a Sweet Surprise


Black Cat Blue Sea Award

I’ve been nominated for The Black Cat Blue Sea Award.   I did some digging to find out the meaning behind this award.  It’s given to bloggers who have written something that appeals to a wide audience and has had the power to move a reader, inspire or just make them smile.  Thanks to Pooja…… Continue reading Black Cat Blue Sea Award


Ready…or not…

  Hello friend, this is my first stab at a blog.  I’m not exactly sure what this blog will be, but I expect I’ll feel that out rather quickly…   First things first, I’m trying to learn the ins and outs of blogging, and apparently, my first blog post should have been this entry.  But I was…… Continue reading Ready…or not…