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Tortoise Slow

Daily Prompt:  Promise This is so true.  If you’d have asked me in my 20s, I might have hesitated or strongly disputed this statement.  Passion or an immediate reaction would certainly be a truer sign.  But now that I’m older and have earned the dings and scrapes of being “wiser,” I have found time and…… Continue reading Tortoise Slow

Daily Prompts · Weekly Photo Challenge

Neon Trees

Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge:  H2O Taken at sunset.  The sky was gray that evening, but as the sun set it hit the trees.  The effect was a shock of bright green along the lake’s edge.  Even more awe-inspiring in person. Original photo, no manipulation or filters used.

Daily Prompts · Life · Writing

My Grandmother’s Doorbell

Daily Prompt:  Daring I was witness to my grandmother’s death from pancreatic cancer.  She was diagnosed late in life, so the cancer would progress slowly, according to the doctors.  She lived a couple more years after her diagnosis, daring God for each day toward the end.  She suffered silently, with grace, and from all appearances, acceptance…… Continue reading My Grandmother’s Doorbell

Daily Prompts · Life

The Kindness of Strangers

  Daily Prompt:  Radical       Photo Credit: Chicago Patch I’ve noticed lately that after watching the nightly news, my mood turns instantly glum.  With the exception of the positive human interest story at the end of the broadcast, it’s negative election campaigns, cyber terrorism, racism, extreme destructive weather, images of starving children in war…… Continue reading The Kindness of Strangers

Daily Prompts

America’s Dairyland/Moonland

    We all know the moon is made of cheese, one of the basic food groups for Wisconsinites. Apparently, more couples chose to say ‘cheese’ for their wedding cakes.  Naturally…. It’s the land of cheese. http://www.wkow.com/story/32787427/2016/08/18/more-couples-chose-to-say-cheese-for-their-weddings-cakes *Daily Prompt:Moon