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Legal Obligations

Daily Prompt:  Millions “Did you get the mail?” “Here, just a bunch of junk.” “Look! This isn’t junk! Oh my gosh, we’ve been waiting for their answer!” “Hurry it up already. Well?” “You got it!! You’re accepted!!” John felt suddenly overwhelmed. So used to rejection, he felt like he had been trying for a million years.…… Continue reading Legal Obligations

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Clumsy Attempt

Daily Prompt:  Clumsy   Clumsy Attempt “This better work!” He shot her a look. “What!?!  We need an out; every other attempt has failed!” “Ok, just be quiet. I need to concentrate.” Grabbing his tools, he opened the box and studied the wires. “Please do it right! You know the consequences.” He carefully removed the…… Continue reading Clumsy Attempt


Exciting Book News and a Big Leap in the Right Direction

Originally posted on Susie Lindau's Wild Ride:
In one of my first classes at Wanderlust Yoga Festival, the meditation instructor told us to ask the universe the ultimate question. “Who am I?” I asked, “Should I be a writer?” I mean, I spend a majority of my time writing blog posts, screenplays and books. My…