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Flying Monkeys

Charli Mills at Canyon Ranch Communications hosts a weekly flash fiction challenge – 99 words, no more, no less.  This week’s prompt is Flying Monkeys.  Here’s my take:


They sat on the edge of the pier, toes wiggling in water.  “Daddy, I don’t want you to go.” Sophie’s sadness added to his overwhelming dread.  “I know, but I’ll be home soon.”  He wondered, as he started his eighth year, when she might stop believing him.  Tears ran down her cheeks.  “C’mon, let’s play,” hoping to distract her.  Wiping her nose, Sophie rested her head on his shoulder and inched in to snuggle. “Look, I see a duck.”  “Too easy,” Sophie laughed at the clouds. “I win!  See?  Two flying monkeys!”  God help me get home, he thought.

13 thoughts on “Flying Monkeys

      1. It adds more to the story to let the reader filling the blank as to what takes Dad away. That’s a smart writing technique to draw in the reader! And one of those lessons of flash fiction that less can be more. Good to have you at Carrot Ranch!

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  1. I like your story. I just packed away my flying monkeys. It’s a Halloween Decoration, a plaque, there are witches feet wearing striped stockings, exactly like the witches feet under the house in The Wizard of OZ. The plaque reads, “I have flying monkeys, don’t make me use them!” I love it. There is just something about those flying monkeys that makes me laugh…even though at one time I thought they were pretty scary.

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